Memories of a Food Mill

Just the other day I decided to make a recipe I found online for Caramel Apple Jam (the recipe can be found here).  So I went to my Farmer’s Market and found a wide variety of apples.  All the vendors have their samples to taste, so you can make a lunch of all those juicy beauties.

The recipe calls for you to boil the apples (with skins on) and then put them through a food mill to make your applesauce.  As soon as I read this I knew just the thing I would use: my old food mill with the hooks on the bottom (to hold on the bowl) and the handle you turn to crush the fruit.  I got excited about seeing this mill since I haven’t used it for quite a while.

As soon as I thought about the mill I was brought back to my childhood, standing next to  Mom or Grandma, crushing the tomatoes to make a spaghetti sauce for Sunday meal.  I remember turning the handle back and forth to make sure I did a good job.  The memories flooded back, and I have to admit a few tears were shed.  I can’t count the amount of times this has happened to me.  I do think that it’s an age thing.  The older we get, the more we crave the comfort of things we had as children.

Then came the bad part.  After looking high and low for my food mill, I couldn’t find it!  Looking through the few boxes I still didn’t unpack (no judging, it’s only been 3 years!), I came to the realization that I must have gotten rid of it before I moved.  How could I have done that!  I went to 4 stores and, of course, no one had one.  I guess I could find one online, but I want my old one, full of memories.  But I guess at least I can still reach back and keep those memories close to my heart.

Anyway, in the end the jam came out great! And the color on the jam is absolutely gorgeous. I did add extra vanilla and of course, extra rum.  Holidays are coming and we must be jolly. Right???
– Stephanie


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